What is a MomStar?


A MomStar is a woman who doesn’t give up on her own dreams to take care of others.  She leads and cares by example, whether she has a partner and kids, is a single mom, is a pet mom, or dreams of the family she may one day have.

Although mainstream society tells us we should put our lives on hold until our children are fully grown, MomStars know that the best way to encourage our children to pursue their dreams is to pursue our own.

Whether your dream is to own your own business, become a successful graphic artist, have the neighborhood’s most fabulous garden, or sing on a stage in front of thousands of screaming fans, your inner MomStar is ready to come out and share her gifts with the world.

The MomStar community encourages women to face obstacles and shed fears so that they can live the life they’ve always dreamed of. Your star is on the riseyour MomStar, that is!  To join usclick here!

How You Can Become a MomStar

You’re already a MomStar, you just haven’t proclaimed it yet! Your first mission (should you choose to accept it) is to figure out where your MomStar shines brightest.  If you were left to your own devices for an entire dayno kids, no partner, no work, no laundry—what would you spend your time doing? What do love so much that it makes you lose track of time?

  • Do you spend every Sunday painting in your backyard until the sun goes down?
  • Do you go dancing with your friends and close the club, wishing it would stay open just one more hour?
  • Do you volunteer to organize your friends' closets and cabinets because you just love to do it?
  • Do you plan your three-day weekends months in advance so that you can go capture the beauty of a state park with your trusty Nikon?
  • Do you choose a karaoke extravaganza to celebrate your birthday every year?

Your inner MomStar has a beautiful light to share; we’re here to help you uncover ways to let her shine!


don't put it off any longer