Transformative Experiences from the MomStar Retreat

We had an amazing MomStar Retreat in Philly a few weeks ago. Although I shared the content at a superficial level, I didn’t share the outcomes. So, I’m going to do that now.

MomStar Retreat – Day 1

Capturing Dreams

On day one, we discussed our dreams and using feelings as a vessel to understand them. These feelings are a direct pathway to the achievement of dreams. By recapturing dreams from childhood, participants reclaimed dreams of feeling beautiful, feeling free, feeling adventurous, feeling excited, feeling engaged, and inspired. Because of this work, their dreams became very different from what they previously believed they were before they entered the workshop.

I helped them see how they could make their dreams simpler and bigger. But, making dreams simpler does not mean making them smaller. So often, we complicate our dreams by being attached to how they should come about or what they should look like. When we make our dreams simpler, we can achieve them easier. Also, by making them bigger, we can honor that beautiful little person inside of ourselves that doesn’t believe there are limits to how big you can dream, or how much you can be, do, or have.

Dream Analysis Workshop

In the afternoon, my dear friend D’vorah Horn-Greenberg came to hear their literal subconscious dreams. She asked participants to record their dreams in a journal after sleep leading up to the workshop. For each participant, she provided personalized dream interpretations from both an archetypal dream interpretation standpoint, as well as symbolic meaning based on their personal experiences and associations. By using symbolic information, she provided understanding on where their subconscious energy was trying to guide them. It was extremely powerful and many tears were shed.  Their subconscious had been sending messages to them through their dreams – in some cases recurring dreams over many years – but they didn’t understand the message, and Devorah gave that insight to them.

During the lunch period, we had a fun activity to help them get in touch with the playful side of themselves – they created dream catchers. My beautiful assistant and colleague came prepared with feathers, butterflies, sequins, glitter pens, and all of these fun accessories to decorate their dream catchers. Participants worked on them all through the afternoon, even while other folks were having their dream interpretations done.

Dance Party!

That night we had a dance party with the participants. My friend Miguel came to DJ. We connected and danced; it was a super fun way to continue to bond and take off some of the emotional energy that we had accumulated during the day.

MomStar Retreat – Day 2

Personalized Intentions

On day 2, there were specific requests from women who had worked with me previously. They wanted additional support in crafting intentions to align with the dreams they claimed the day before. I love using language to manifest things very quickly and powerfully. I was thrilled to help them set these powerful personalized intentions so they could get in touch with their own super powers.

Challenging Limiting Beliefs

Previously, on day 1, I had the opportunity to sit with each participant, one-on-one, and challenge them on some of their strongest core limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are road blocks to our dreams. For the participants, these were beliefs they believed they were stuck with forever; no way could they debunk or let go of them. By confronting them, the results were surprising and amazing. One woman came with the belief that she is too old to do the things that she wanted. But, after a few minutes of work, she realized what she really wanted at the core was joy; what she desired was desire itself. In realizing this, she saw how easily she could have it. She had powerful limiting beliefs regarding the exact way her desires needed to look, and she was, all of a sudden, able to question whether those things would even bring her desire anymore.

Rosine worked with us in the afternoon, and the same participant had a powerful breakthrough. She realized the reason she struggled with desire and joy into her life, and it involved her father’s death. When her father died two years earlier, she buried her dreams and things that would bring her joy right along with him. By bringing that to a conscious level, she was able to see that burying her dreams wasn’t what her father would have wanted for her. Her energy level went from so low, almost completely noncommunicative on day 1, to completely engaged; joking, laughing, optimistic, and hopeful by the end of day 2. Rosine achieved a transformation with every single woman in that group, bringing them to tears; literally to tears. Some of these women I have known for many years but have never seen them cry, ever. Every single woman had a deep transformative experience. They brought their emotions to the surface to give them a sense of what needs to be resolved to achieve their deepest dreams.

MomStar Retreat – Day 3

Constructing Language to Capture Desires

Finally, on day 3, we went back to the language. Honestly, this my sweet spot. It’s where I enjoy spending the most time. We discussed where they will get support for this new way of achieving their dreams and looking at the world. We talked about the story they’re going to tell in order to lead them to the manifestation of their desires. I offered specific language to use with the people in their lives who may not be entirely supportive. This provides a firm way to handle naysayers and crazymakers, and identify where to find the support and accountability to succeed. This was such a critical part of helping them feel empowered to use language that will align with the manifestation of their most beautiful, most colorful, deepest dreams.

Writing Your Next Chapter

During lunch, we created beautiful custom journals, again decorated with butterflies and glitter pens and sequins. We spent the last few hours discussing the plan beyond the retreat and they will manifest their dreams. We started writing your next chapter – writing the paragraph about what is, the paragraph about where we want to be, and the paragraph aboutwhere the shift is happening. Many noticed the way they had been transformed by the retreat in the way they felt about their dreams, and themselves, and the possibilities. From the few days we worked together, participants were able to document a powerful shift in consciousness and vibration. They like being able to check in with me to make sure they were doing it “right”. Remember, there’s no wrong way, but they ended the day feeling empowered to continue this practice beyond the workshop.

See You In Costa Rica!

We now have a secret Facebook group where we continue to share our writings and dreams. This group provides a safe space to state and reframe limiting beliefs. By doing this, we are supporting each other’s languages, beliefs, dreams, and the manifestation of them. I’m super excited and honored to have been part of their transformation.

So that’s it! I’m so grateful to have the opportunity help women reclaim the dreams they’ve stopped giving themselves permission to pursue. I cannot wait for Costa Rica in December!! Don’t forget to schedule time with me to see how I can help you with your own transformation, and I encourage you to join us in Costa Rica! YEE HA!