June Update!

What Have I Done?

How did we get to the end of June already? So much has happened and yet it also feels like the year has flown by! I have accomplished a ton in my business – I’ve launched my virtual workshop, revamped my website, hired new resources and built my email list up to nearly a thousand people.  I’ve helped my daughter write and record four songs, of which two are complete and even have killer music videos. My other daughter is settling in a whole new town that will be great for her acting career. We have her headshots and business cards completely developed and ordered. I’ve brought on two new clients, at least one of which plans to continue with me into 2018, and have the promise of a couple more before the end of the year. My existing clients are happy and have already contracted more than a million dollars in revenue for the year and it’s only the end of second quarter.


But what about my health? What have I done there? Well, if I go by what the scale says, I’ve taken huge steps backward. According to the scale, I’ve gained 25 pounds since just before Christmas. I’m back to losing my breath just from walking up and downstairs. Once again, I’m feeling frustrated with how I look in clothes or when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror (especially when compared to the modelesque Malibu Moms I see everywhere I turn).

I want to get back to where I was in December and lose another 25 beyond that. I’d love to be a cool, confident 155 pounds and size 10, sometimes an 8. I’d love to have muscle definition, a flat stomach, even abs depending on the angle. I’d love to have the energy to play with my kids in the pool, not just float around them motionless. I would love to look awesome in pictures (including my California driver’s license).

My Next Goal

So, there you have it – my paragraphs 1 and 2. Because as I promised, I’m going to start applying my own techniques to manifesting this gorgeous body that I know is absolutely going to be mine. And where am I seeing the shift? Well, I am THRILLED to say that my kitchen is stocked with tons of clean food, which makes it SO much easier to eat clean! And I do have an awesome trainer who is holding me accountable and helping me to adjust my mindset and make the right changes so that this can be a permanent transformation, rather than a temporary quick fix. When I get to my fighting weight of between 145-155 pounds this time, I plan to stay there. Also, I have been keeping my commitments with regard to working out. I went to the gym twice this week and got a hike in on Wednesday. I plan to get a hike in today as I’m not sure I’m ready for SoulCycle yet. Maybe next week.

Later today, my trainer is going to conduct a vision boarding session with me (and my daughters, who are invited to listen in and even participate, if they want to define a vision for themselves of their perfectly healthy bodies). I’ve been doing hypnosis every night and I definitely feel like that’s part of what’s helping to transform my mindset. And, I’ve been focusing on the things I’ve been doing right. I’m eliminating white sugar and flour, drinking more water, and exercising more regularly.