If Diets Don't Work, Then What Do I Do?

I’ve been on diets since I was 10 years old. My mom took me to a Weight Watchers meeting in a firehouse a couple miles from our house, long before the points system was even a twinkle in anyone’s eye. My whole family used to try diets together - the Scarsdale Diet, the Atkins diet, the 9-Day Diet, the Master Cleanse. When I was 11 years old, I lost 30 pounds the summer between 7th and 8th grade, and i was celebrated for it! No one thought anything of the fact that by 9th grade I had gained all that weight back and then some. At some point, I had been escorted on the diet rollercoaster, and had no idea how to get off.

Now here I am, nearing my half century mark, and as far as I’ve gotten with all the therapy and hypnosis and prayer and meditation is to really and truly understand one thing;

Diets really don’t work.

Unfortunately for me, all that means for now is that I can’t rely on a diet to be the answer to my weight problem. So what the hell do I do?

If diets don’t work how am I supposed to lose all this extra weight? I’m too heavy to run for hours - hell, a day in Disney has my feet so jacked up I can barely walk on the treadmill, let alone anything else. So exercise bingeing isn’t the answer either.


And that’s where we are folks. I’m using law of attraction to manifest my best health ever. I’m going deeper into the Divine because I have no idea how to “fix” this myself. Hand in hand with the Source of all things, I’m allowing the transformation to happen. I know this sounds crazy. As someone who has tried every diet possible, including Overeaters Anonymous, veganism, low carb, paleo, weight watchers, juice fasting, Jenny Craig, elimination diets, slim fast… (need I go on?) I admit defeat. I admit that my way doesn’t work. I admit that maybe this is one area where the only thing that will work is complete and total surrender.

So, surrender to what?

Surrender to what the Universe has provided as a solution. I have a great trainer who is also a mindset coach. I have a great nutritionist who has introduced me to an amazing, organic, plant-based solution. Oh, and she’s also a mindset coach.

I have an amazing client roster - I can easily see that despite what my current financial situation may look like, prosperous days are on the very near horizon. There’s no sense in allowing current circumstances to dictate my mood, when I can focus on the abundance the Universe has in store for me and keep my vibration high and happy. This ensures that I not only attract that abundance, but that it continues to become even better and bigger than I ever imagined. So, my goal with this journey is to do the same on this weight loss journey. Keep my eyes on the prize, keep the vision in focus to ensure that it materializes, better than I could ever imagine.

I’ll post what I eat, post my exercise, post my successes, and post my struggles. And when the weight starts finally falling off, I’ll post that too. I’ll post at least once a week and will be as detailed as I can so you’re enjoying the journey right along with me (and so I save myself the trouble later when it’s time to write the book).

Early morning meeting tomorrow, so I’ll leave it here for now. Until tomorrow, MomStars…shine and rise.