Aligning Intentions


This has been quite a month! I am super grateful that I have faith in God, the Law of Attraction, and the support of my family and friends to keep me focused on the positive outcomes. There were many times that I could have pivoted to the negative, and that’s what I would like to talk about in this blog post.

There’s a saying that I’ve heard many times which of something to the effect of it is darkest before dawn. I see many instances of this in my own life and the people that I coach. I’ll share a story from someone that I’ve worked with, and then I’ll share one of my own experiences. Then I’ll talk about what the lesson is.

Desire for Better

I have a very good friend and client, whom I also coach in manifestation and positivity. We have worked together for a little over a year, and I saw her get terribly treated in her workplace. I did a workshop which she attended, and in that workshop, she stated that she had a desire to be respected and valued in the workplace.

Now, if you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that once you state a desire, howit manifests is not really your concern. You keep your language positive, hold the intention, and allow the universe to bring it about. (I wrote a song about that a few years ago, called I’ll Allow It, and you should check it out HERE. The song shares this concept, and listening to it is a great way to remind yourself of the principle of allowing it instead of making it happen.)

The Universe is Funny That Way…

Last summer my friend got laid off from her job. I was excited for her because, in my experience, any type of movement is an indication that dreams are manifesting. Even if, initially, it seems like they’re moving in the wrong direction, it means that things are changing and shifting. It means if I can keep my language and my vibration aligned with my intention, then it will continue to shift in the direction of my dream (even if it’s taking a little bit of a circuitous route).

After she was laid off she immediately started getting her things in order: updating her resume, working with her financial advisor, putting out resumes to other opportunities. She applied for a job that seemed to be her dream job. Not only was it her dream job, but it was an organization that had needs that I could also help fulfill, so it meant that we would be able to work together again. Unfortunately, it took a lot longer than she had hoped for the interview process to complete.

Keep Going

After a couple of months, she started to get discouraged. They were bringing in new candidates to interview and she had another offer on the table that wasn’t ideal. It was far from her house and it wasn’t the role she wanted. But it was something, right? Maybe she should take it.

I said, “Well, that’s up to you. If you feel like this is the right step for you, I support you in that. But, I want to encourage you to think about the fact that whatever you desire you can bring about when your actions and intentions aligned with that desire. So, if you start to feel like, oh my God what if my money runs out? Oh my God, what if I can’t get another job…  then you’re pivoting to the negative. When that happens, the universe has no choice but to align to that new negative vibration. If you can stay positive, hopeful and faithful in the midst of uncertainty, often the outcome you desire will happen.”

She said, “OK, I’m going to do that.”

Then Suddenly, Out of Nowhere

She hunkered down with writing her next chapter and being careful with her language. We spoke several times a week while she kept her vision clear, front and center.

Then one day, she called me: “I can’t believe it. I got my offer!”

For two months, she had held on and stayed strong with visualization. Now, she is in a wonderful role with tons of opportunities, surrounded by people who value and consider her as a thoughtful leader in her industry. And I am, once again, working by her side.

Aligning My Intentions

In my own life, I’ve had many experiences with this as well. When we first moved to Florida, I found out that one of my biggest contracts might not be renewed. At that time, we had no other source of income. After a momentary freak out, I went right back the principles I’ve learned and taught: holding my vision, making it even clearer. Going stronger and harder with the language, with the intention, and the mantras that aligned with what we wanted for our family.

Not only did that contract get renewed, but I got a 20 percent raise over the previous year.

Aligning Intentions – Manifest Your Dreams

I am always thrilled to support someone in aligning their vibrations with their thoughts, language, and intention especially during times of uncertainty. If you have anything going on and you would like to talk with me about how I can help you, click on this link to set up a session with me. I would be happy to talk with you about what’s going on. In the meantime, remember you’re always creating your future, whether you’re aware or not.